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NM-INBRE Call for Research Project Proposals (Pilot Projects)


The New Mexico IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence (NM-INBRE) is seeking proposals for 1-year research PILOT projects from researchers at eligible member institutions**. Interested researchers must submit a complete proposal and application packet on or before February 1, 2023 through the NM INBRE Project Application Portal. This funding prioritizes short-term, highly focused projects that will result in peer-reviewed publication and/or federal research proposal(s). Investigators should propose a project period that does not exceed 12 months and falls between April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024. Detailed descriptions of the Pilot project requirements and eligibility is available at NM-INBRE Support for Research. Proposal and application instructions are available at the application portal.


** PILOT Project openings are currently available for investigators at Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Tech, Northern New Mexico College, San Juan College, University of New Mexico Main Campus, University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, Western New Mexico University.


Research Image 

NM-INBRE Project Support 



Requirements differ based on award type. Any individual or collaborative team with the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to carry out the research is invited to work with his/her organization to develop an application for support. Please refer to the eligible instiutions list for each award type.

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The Programs Mission is to create supportive research and training environments. Facilitate communication and collaborations among participants and provide access to core facilites. 

Research Goals 

  • Scientific advancement
  • Professional growth 
  • Student development 
  • Collaboration across network Institutions


  • Faculty Investigators
    • Securing External Funding
    • Submit Proposals to the NIH and other federal agencies 

NM-INBRE Research Thematic Focus Areas 

  • Structure and function of biomolecules
  • Pathogens
  • Cell and organisms
  • Population-level and community health research 

Types of Awards Available

  • Pilot research projects
  • Focus research projects
  • Mini-Sabbatical
  • Experiential learning development projects (ELDP)
  • Full Research Projects

Contacts at NM-INBRE Primarily Undergraduate Institutions




Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) Dr. John Montgomery
New Mexico Highlands University (NMHU) Dr. Ian Williamson
New Mexico Tech (NMT) Dr. Sneza Rogelj
Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) Dr. Ivan Lopez-Hurtado
San Juan College (SJC) Dr. Eric Miller
Western New Mexico College (WNMU) Dr. Kathy Whiteman

Contacts at NM-INBRE Research-Intensive Institutions




New Mexico State University (NMSU) Dr. Shelley Lusetti
University of New Mexico (UNM) Dr. Jeremy Edwards
University of New Mexico, Health Sciences Center Dr. Bill Shuttleworth


More information is available at