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New Mexico INBRE champions biomedical and community based research excellence in the state of New Mexico through the development of innovative, supportive and sustainable research environments for faculty and students, community engaging health initiatives, while building a network of lead scientists and educators at the state, regional and national level. 

INBRE At A Glance



A collaborative effort of the Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming INBRE programs. That expands resource capabilities to address overlapping science questions specific to each state’s thematic umbrella.

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Pilot Award RFP

The programs mission is to create supportive research and training environments, facilitate communications & collaborations among participants, and provide access to core facilites

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New Mexico INBRE Summer Experience also known as NISE is an 8 week research experience that features four diffrent programs for students to apply to.

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New Mexico IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research (INBRE) is housed at New Mexico State University, and collaborates with more than 10 partner institutions across the state. One of the goals of the funding is to continue building a nationwide, multi-disciplinary research network that will enhance the biomedical research base with lead scientists, educators and students.

News And Events

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Recognizing Large Proposal Submitters: October 2022

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Lab Rat Eyes Ph.D. in Chemistry

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